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Drilling Well Control

We are accredited to carry out Drilling Well Control training courses to the required standard laid down by IWCF (International Well Control Forum) and IADC WellCAP® (International Association of Drilling Contractors).

Our goal is never to forget how new, Well Control Training Aberdeen - Well Controlinexperienced and nervous some students can be when attending these drilling related training courses.

We carry out the training in a slow and understandable way, as conditions will allow, speaking in plain and simple English. We have fine-tuned the course to give the necessary training, but not swamp the student with unwanted facts and paperwork. We can also provide a pre-course Drilling Well Control training pack, so the candidate can arrive at the course with some subject knowledge "under their belt".

Newer candidates often ask what is the difference between IWCF and IADC WellCAP® courses. Well, the course curriculum and training courses are similar, but, when the two written tests, Equipment and Principles & Procedures (P&P), are done at the course end, IWCF send an invigilator with their own test papers. They invigilate the test and mark the papers. Course instructors do not see the papers, the students don't see the papers after the results are given.

With WellCAP® , the training school is trusted to write the test papers, invigilate and mark the papers. The actual papers can then be gone over by the training instructor to show the candidate where they had gone wrong.

Note; IWCF request passports should be valid for a period of 2 years. If not, then a current drivers license or national ID card must be provided.

From August 2014, anyone taking an IWCF Drilling Well Control course for the first time, must complete the 3 day level 2 Introduction course first, then level 3 Driller 5 day course, then level 4 Supervisor 5 day course.  However, if you already have a certificate e.g. Combined Driller, you can re-new the same level (or the next level up).