Drilling Well Control - Introduction to Well ControlDrilling Well Control - Introduction to Well Control

Fearnley Procter Group - Drilling Well Control

Well Control Training Aberdeen - Introduction to Well Control

Course Overview:

This is an introductory course, level 2, (3 day) designed to give potential well control certification candidates an awareness well control theory, practices and equipment as a preparation prior to taking levels 3 & 4. This course can be either combined or surface only.

Contents include;

  • Well control event impacts
  • Barriers
  • Hydrostatics
  • Primary well control
  • Secondary well control
  • Risk management
  • Basic calculations
  • Normal and abnormal formation pressures
  • Surging & swabbing
  • Causes & warnings signs of kicks
  • Tripping and the trip tank
  • System pressure losses
  • Equivalent circulating densities
  • Leak-off tests
  • Equivalent mud weights
  • Maximum mud weights
  • Shut in procedures
  • Influx migration
  • Casing & cementing
  • Kick sheets
  • Well control equipment

The combined course will include all the necessary sub-sea topics, e.g. formation strengths, riser margins, choke line frictions, issues with floating rigs, hanging off, etc. 

Course Pre-Qualification: None necessary.

Two written exams, equipment and principles & procedures, will be taken on the afternoon of the 3rd day. Practical training on a drilling simulator is not a requirement for this course.

An IWCF or IADC certificate will be issued on satisfactory completion of the exam.